Old habits are extremely difficult to break, which is acknowledged in Medibank’s new health and wellbeing (H&W) program, Ritualize. After seeing requests for more focus on wellbeing in the employee survey, the team introduced the program in October 2016, following its successful “I am better” marketing campaign. Ritualize is an online holistic H&W program designed to help people develop positive lifelong habits. Based on the 80/20 principle (whereby 80% of the time you focus on eating clean, healthy foods and 20% of the time you have the freedom to indulge as you please), the program sets goals that are broken down into small, achievable steps – known as rituals. It then provides tools, resources and activities to improve wellbeing.
The results far exceeded expectations, with 100% of the participants saying that the program has helped them make positive life changes:
• 2,054 – employees who registered for the program
• 1,084 – employees who completed their BioAge test
• 173,977 – rituals completed
• 5 years – average reduction in number of years (age) for employees who retook the BioAge test after the program
• 80% – percentage of employees who reported improvements in physical wellbeing
• 94% – percentage of employees who reported improvement in mental wellbeing