Nowadays, both job seekers and employers are becoming increasingly expectant of faster turnaround times in recruitment, and this led Mantra Group to develop an initiative that became their highlight for 2016. The HR team introduced a seamlessly integrated recruiting solution, which allows managers to create and approve requisitions and candidates to apply directly to a role without going through external recruiting sites. Candidate information can also be easily tracked throughout the recruitment process, and the candidates receive automatic emails and prompt notifications to keep them abreast of their status. The team also introduced a video cover letter option for job applications for guest-facing roles, which encouraged candidates to be creative and allowed recruiting managers to easily gain insight to their personalities.
Since the launch of the integrated recruiting solution in June 2016, Mantra Group has witnessed these promising statistics:
• 1,000+ internal applications received from existing team members, demonstrating improved employee engagement
• 34,000+ interested candidates included in the database
• 23% of applications received directly by Mantra Group
• 1,400+ team members hired successfully through the integration process