Innovative HR Teams 2017

Innovative HR Teams 2017

Just how innovative are Australian businesses, and by extension, their HR teams? A survey of 322 business and HR leaders, conducted by PageUp and Alexander Mann Solutions, revealed interesting local and global results.

Globally, 64% of organisations believe driving innovation will be a priority over the coming 12 months and three-quarters hold innovation as a corporate value. The study found that while there is a desire for innovation, for most organisations around the world necessary frameworks are not in place to bring this to fruition. While 54% of respondents have a process in place for submitting new ideas and incorporating feedback to improve outcomes, less than 40% have established processes in place for prioritising these ideas.

Australian companies are on par with their global peers for many cultural aspects, but lag when it comes to established talent management practices to support and build company-wide innovation capability. Australian respondents rated their organisations lower than their global peers (23% vs 39%) when asked if their company trains and educates employees to be more innovative and creative. Similarly, Australian organisations are less likely to reward and recognise innovation when it comes to performance management, compared to their global counterparts (48% vs 53%).

This highlights the opportunity for HR to establish and drive enterprise-wide innovation capability within Australian businesses.

In our second annual list of Innovative HR Teams, HRD has identified who we believe is pushing the innovation envelope. Want to see who’s made the grade? Read on …

Maxxia is pleased to again sponsor the HRD Innovative HR Teams list in 2017.

Given HRD magazine’s extensive readership around the country, receiving this award endorses the success of your initiatives on a national stage.

The award is based upon your own employee nominations, which is an honour and achievement in itself, recognising your commitment to placing your employees at the centre of everything you do.

At Maxxia, your employees are our focus, too. In today’s changing workforce environment, where salary increases are often no more than CPI, employees expect more than simply a stable job and salary from their employer.

That’s why a standout employee value proposition that offers compelling value has never been more important.

Maxxia supports over 800 organisations and their HR teams across the not-for-profit, government and private sectors to be forward thinking in their employee benefit strategies. We’re entrusted to provide tangible value to nearly 300,000 customers with a range of employee benefits, and it’s a responsibility we’re passionate about.

As the founders of the workplace benefi ts industry over 30 years ago, it’s in our DNA to come up with new ways to create value-adding initiatives for organisations, and stretch employees’ salaries further so they can get more from their take-home pay.

Please join us in learning from leading Australian organisations selected by HRD driving industry change.

 Mike Salisbury,
 Chief Executive Officer,
 McMillan Shakespeare Group (parent company to Maxxia)