Hot innovation area: L&D

Another contender for ‘most innovative L&D strategy’ is Vodafone. A redesign and upgrade of its existing LMS resulted in a learning portal anchored around three key elements: what have I done (a learner profile which captures a central learning history for every learner in real time); what I am doing (a learning pathway which presents an individualised and prioritised learning plan for each learner); and what I could do (a learning catalogue presenting all learning opportunities, structured in a way that makes it easy for learners to identify relevant learning). Elements of social learning and gamification were utilised (including the use of ‘badges’ to reward and encourage compliance, the ability to recommend training to others, and the ability to rate and comment on training). Since its launch, Vodafone has seen a 51% increase in monthly course completions and a 15% increase in learners utilising mobile platforms to learn on the go.