Hot innovation area: Health & wellbeing

Healthy employees are generally happier and more productive employees – that’s a truism adopted by TLC Healthcare as part of its company mission. From August to November 2015, the TLC community embarked on the inaugural 100 Days of Health (100DoH), an HR-led, crossfunctional initiative aimed at increasing health and wellbeing awareness and boosting employee engagement. Key components of the initiative included:
  • Each employee and resident recording their 100DoH health and wellbeing commitment on custom cards and attaching them to ‘living commitment trees’ – which served as an ongoing reminder of their commitment to health and wellbeing.
  • Each week during 100DoH had different health-focused themes with related events and activities. Weekly themes included Physical Activity, Healthy Eating, Mental Health, Financial Health and Women’s Health (among others).
  • Events and activities included free health checks, pamper stations, fitness and cooking classes, and community BBQs for staff and residents. Weekly health-themed giveaways included TLC-branded drink bottles, sunscreen, stress balls and toothbrush kits. New permanent benefits were introduced, such as discounted private health insurance.
  • Throughout 100DoH, Team TLC members competed as teams in a TLC Walking Challenge. Rewards were appropriately health and fitness-related.
  • TLC contractors and suppliers were involved, sponsoring products and events, and conducting free training and information sessions.