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Hot innovation area: L&D

Sanitarium’s L&D program, called ‘Living, Learning and Leading by Values’, is not only forward-thinking and flexible but also achieves the tricky task of bringing values to life. Combining all types of learning modules, ‘Living by Values’ is a partner program for all new members of the company, from day one through the first six months. ‘Leading by Values’ occurs after nine months on the job, or when someone is promoted into a people leader/influencer position. The staff member undertakes a 360-degree feedback tool from Human Synergistics called the ‘Life Style Inventory’. This tool provides feedback on leadership behaviours. After 9–12 months on the job, all people leaders/influencers participate in a two-day leadership retreat; meanwhile, ‘Leader as Coach’ workshops teach leaders how to apply the skills and practices of coaches. Senior leaders are not forgotten – they attend a two-day retreat and obtain feedback on their impact as leaders.