Hot innovation area: Reward & recognition

Many business functions inherit the systems and faults of their predecessors. Such was the case with RSPCA Qld’s HR team. The traditional, very transactional HR function inherited by the current team was doing no favours to the business, or the function of HR. One flawed program brought into the modern era was the organisation’s ‘Make Your Mark’ (MYM) reward and recognition program. A key component of RSPCA Qld’s talent management system, this program has been revamped to optimise the value of the workforce by defining discretionary effort via a web-based ‘commitments catalogue’. The program maximises performance by defining the ‘little bit extra’ the organisation is seeking from its people. By helping the organisation achieve animal welfare outcomes, employees gain access to a wide range of reward and recognition opportunities. The system is fully integrated with the organisation’s performance management processes and forms part of a ‘total rewards package’.

Results have been astonishing: a goal of 50% engagement and 4,000 commitments was set within the first 12 months. Seventy-nine per cent engagement and 11,000 commitments were achieved inside the first six months.