Hot innovation area: Diverity & inclusion

Housing Authority is a multifaceted organisation whose mission is to provide affordable housing options to low- and middle-income earners in WA. Of note is the Housing Authority’s dedication to diversity and inclusion – particularly for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) people, both within and outside the organisation. With this in mind the organisation has committed to:
  • renewed recruitment practices, including advertising vacancies in the local Aboriginal language and/or Kimberly Creole, using media such as the Koori Mail and Deadly Jobs.
  • the Aboriginal Art Program – whereby artworks are displayed throughout Housing’s metropolitan and country offices. The intent is twofold: firstly, to provide a source of income to Indigenous artists; and secondly, to create a sense of cultural security for Housing’s ATSI employees and clients.
  • a traineeship program – Housing employs up to six ATSI trainees each year, through a traineeship program coordinated by the Workforce Development team.
  • celebrating Aboriginal culture. Culturally significant events are celebrated throughout the year, including NAIDOC, Sorry Day and National Reconciliation Week. NAIDOC celebrations in particular provide an opportunity for non-Indigenous employees to learn more about ATSI culture.