Professional services
Hot innovation area: Technology

The HR team looking after EY’s Business Tax Services division (some 600 plus employees in Oceania) is pushing technology to new levels, specifically technology that supports flexible work options. From the use of shared drives to save all documents and emails, and using a shared Excel workbook to track what’s happening with key partners, through to regularly using online internal forums to share ideas and interesting articles, the team has made ‘nice to have’ options like job sharing a workable reality. The current job share arrangement works so effectively that often partners don’t realise the job-sharing employees are not in the same location.
Partners themselves have been coached on how to use tools like Skype for business to have virtual video meetings and share live documents that can be seen by all participants and edited in real time.

Another innovation is a focus on employee ‘experiences’. This includes a specific ‘experiences’ plan for each employee during annual planning, and the hiring of a dedicated ‘experience manager’ responsible for helping to facilitate the desired experiences for employees.