Hot innovation area: Recruitment
Employment services/WHS

Employsure has experienced extraordinary growth in its five years in operation. After securing its first client in April 2011, Employsure’s trajectory now sees the firm servicing over 8,600 clients. In 2015, it secured its status as Australia’s fastest-growing company.

Not only was the in-house talent team faced with rapid growth but it also had to find employees with the right cultural and capability fit. After identifying key employee recruitment and retention issues, the team introduced new initiatives, which led to a decrease in attrition and a greater ability to secure quality candidates who were more aligned with company values.

A ‘flagging system’ was introduced for all potential candidates. Through extensive research into past and present employees, the talent team identified specific trends, classifying these as flags. When assessing new candidates, the team would measure the number of flags held by the applicant against these identified benchmarks, determining their suitability and, ultimately, their progression in the recruiting process.

As a value-orientated organisation, another initiative was to compare Employsure’s core values with those of current employees. This illustrated that high performers had a higher emphasis on values rather than capability, giving birth to the formula Performance = Capability x Values2. Employsure then introduced a quarterly check-in (performance review) process for all staff, based on this equation.

Confident they could teach capability, the focus of these check-ins was on core values, which are inevitably already in-built within an individual. Ultimately, Employsure has found capability is the qualifier and values is the differentiator.