Education/distance learning
Hot innovation areas: Reward & recognition/Culture

With team members spread across Australia, Canada, the US and the Philippines, Churchill Education works hard to consistently maintain its core values. The critical, and oft-overlooked, business value of humour has seen the company embrace a number of unique initiatives. These include:
  • Monthly ‘Top Gun’ awards – peers nominate those colleagues who demonstrate workplace behaviours that reflect company values. If a team member receives two or more peer nominations they receive a Top Gun certificate plus a ticket to the company’s annual Study Tour Competition. At the end-of-financial-year party, one person’s name is drawn, and that person wins a study tour anywhere in the world to the value of $10,000.
  • Dreams Trust – each team member writes down their dreams/goals/aspirations for 2016, as well as one thing they would like to do before they die. This information is collated (the HR manager is referred to as the official ‘Dream Catcher’) and it is shared among team members so each person can help their colleagues achieve their dreams. For example, a number of team members have said they would like to own their own home in 2016. Churchill Education has organised for Learning Lunches to cover topics such as ‘what to look for when buying your own home’, and ‘budgeting and saving tips’.
  • Angels & Mortals – from the start of December, each team member acts as an ‘Angel’ for another team member (who is referred to as a ‘Mortal’). The key is anonymity. The Angel must perform at least three good deeds for their Mortal by 23 December. This might include buying or making coffee, sending anonymous gifts, or baking a cake. On 23 December the team gathers for the ‘reveal’.