Gold - 
 Mumba Cloud
Silver -
SAP Fieldglass
Bronze - 
Frontier Software

Few categories are as competitive as HRIS. Judges paid close attention to user experience, compatibility and integration with existing technology and general accessibility – a critical consideration in this ‘anywhere, anytime’ world.

Gold winner Mumba enables large organisations with outdated and fragmented IT systems and processes to combine them into a single app with the same look and user interface, making it extremely easy to use without any training. Just as importantly, there is no need to upgrade existing IT systems to improve the user experience or add modern functionality.

One judge voiced the frustration that many HR professionals have with their existing systems: “The frustration I have is that we have great tools, but they are not connected. I loved the idea of an app that brings all systems together.”

Another judge commented: “As more employees work from home, remotely, and do not all have work computers, it’s a perfect tool for them to access payslips, profi les, leave, rosters and communications on the go. It’s a tool I would want to use as an employee, and has potential to communicate and engage with workforces that are dispersed, mobile and transient.”

Frontier’s HRIS solution was meanwhile applauded for covering the full gamut of the employee lifecycle, and having a userfriendly self-service interface. It also offers full integration with payroll systems, which the judges noted is not offered by many systems.