From bots and IA to mobile apps, Employers of Choice constantly strive to provide employees with the latest tech to enable them to do their jobs more effectively.

“We have brand new computers, the latest AV in all meeting rooms, huge amounts of applications to ensure we are conducting our work efficiently and effectively, and we also have a team (solutions) dedicated to reviewing new technology within the business to determine how we can go about doing our work better," wrote one CEO.

It also appears that Employers of Choice want to make this a two-way dialogue – after all, no one knows more about what tools might help than employees themselves. A solicitor wrote:

“Continuous commitment to updating the technology and resources being rolled out through all offices. Our employer always ask for employees’ input about what technology and practices would make staff work more effectively, and genuinely listens and puts these suggestions into practice.”

Despite the apparent sophistication of these employers’ use and application of technology, there are also limits. “We sometimes struggle to keep pace with technology given how fast we are growing,” wrote one sales manager.

A compliance administrator likewise commented: “They invest in the IT (hardware and software) for the office environments, but it’s difficult to extend that same investment to the client sites.”

On the whole, however, Employers of Choice know that when their employees are assured of proper technical support, they feel empowered and motivated to perform well. “I have everything I need – internal support, resources on hand, and ICT support is a quick phone call away,” wrote one HR consultant.

“We believe that highly motivated and engaged staff are an asset to any business. If they have the tools and environment to perform at their best, they will drive results and be recognised. This is strongly linked to staff retention and employee satisfaction. As such, we do what we can to make sure that the technology they have enables them to do their best work, from wherever they need to be” Tash Macknish, Data#3