TOP-PERFORMING COMPANIES From free smartphones to video content management systems – which manage videos much like the more familiar document management systems – through to induction and onboarding programs delivered via augmented reality, Employers of Choice recognise that investing in technology can enhance employee productivity.

As one employee put it, “We have access to incredible resources and support, including IT, industry databases, precedent documents and procedural manuals. This definitely makes it incredibly easy to perform my job well and in an efficient manner.” Another employee spoke enthusiastically of software “to help automate the tedious data entry associated with our role, so we can be more effective and strategic”.

Increasingly, work is about what you do, rather than where you do it, and with that in mind mobile technology remains a running theme for this year’s respondents.

“No matter where you are globally, through internet connection you can be connected to the network and do your work. This allows employees to be mobile and have the flexibility they need to integrate both work and home life,” a senior marketing manager suggested in the survey.

A property manager chimed in: “I work from home a lot and my employer has been fantastic in arranging remote access and extremely responsive the few times I have experienced difficulty logging in.”

And one project specialist said: “We are capable of working from anywhere. Online payroll, learning and recruitment platforms are all available.”

Employers of Choice know that, when their employees are assured proper technical support, they feel empowered and motivated to perform well.

“All tools and software are made available right away, and anything that I feel will help the process is usually looked after if I ask,” wrote one respondent.

Another said: “I have everything I need – internal support, resources on hand, and ICT support is a quick phone call away.”

“We have a mantra... ‘if we touch it three times, we automate it’. What that means is that we are committed to making every business process as efficient as possible – introducing automation whenever the opportunity arises” - Lee-Martin Seymour, CEO and co-founder, Xref