Gold winner: Hudson
Silver winner: Randstad
Bronze Winner: Hays

According to SEEK, the sales industry was the only sector to experience a year-on-year decline in job ads, slipping by 7%. This is good news for employers, who potentially have more candidates to choose from.

Gold winner Hudson’s Talent Insights 2017 research found that the top challenges for sales and marketing roles involve improving the digital customer experience, and increased customer demands.

“This is being driven by rapid innovation,” says Dean Davidson, Hudson’s executive general manager of recruitment Australia. “In a digitally connected world and ‘on demand’ economy, customers expect more immediacy and personalisation. Marketing and sales teams are at the coalface of this innovation, but the skillsets they require are constantly evolving and the pool of available talent is small and specialised.”

According to Davidson, the top five technical skills in demand are:
  • marketing strategy development
  • brand management
  • Google Analytics
  • campaign management
  • content management systems
However, soft skills are also important, and employers are seeking candidates with skills such as innovative thinking, stakeholder engagement, and critical thinking.

On the future of the recruitment industry, Davidson says: “Where we see a big shift is in the candidate mindset. Active and passive labels are no longer accurate, as our research shows that most professionals would consider a new job opportunity if it came along. The Talent Insights research shows that a year ago, one in three professionals said they were open to new opportunities a year ago; now, one in two feel that way.”

He adds that this means HR professionals need to tap into candidate networks on an ongoing basis, and work with recruitment firms who have strong, specialist talent pools.