My brilliant career – Megan Collins

by 10 Nov 2009

My current role is ...Vice President Human Resources, GE Capital, Australia and New Zealand.

My qualifications are ... BA from Melbourne University, majoring in business development and politics, and a postgraduate diploma from Melbourne University in HR and IR.

I got into HR because ... it seemed like more of an “art” than a “science”.

My biggest career high was when ... I had the opportunity to work in different countries with GE and in varied HR roles, and with some really outstanding leaders who have taught me a lot about myself and how nothing replaces truly outstanding leadership in an organisation.

To succeed in HR it takes ... patience, loads of common sense, strong commercial acumen, the ability to see around corners, empathy and the ability to read people accurately.

Living person I most admire is ... no-one in particular – just every day people who do countless hours of various community service and go unnoticed.

The thing I dislike most about myselfis ... I am a pretty organised person and when I’m not I get a bit agitated.

The thing I dislike most in othersis ... people who take credit for other people’s work and ideas, and leaders who are more interested in promoting themselves than their team.

The best advice I ever got was ... think two layers/levels above you.

I’m happiest when I’m … with my family relaxing; this also usually involves a glass of wine.

The hardest thing I’ve ever done was ... the eulogy at my Nana’s fu neral while my two-week-old daughter was in the special care unit of the Royal Women’s Hospital.

My greatest extravagance is … really good red wine and I have a passion for Italian (and somewhat extravagant) light fittings.

My favourite book is ... The Bell Jar, by Sylvia Plath.

My motto is ... treat others as you expect to be treated.