My brilliant career – Dales Gleeson, HR manager, CPM Asia Pacific

by 15 Apr 2010

My current role is ...Group HR manager, CPM Asia Pacific

My qualifications are ... Grad Diploma in HRM.

I got into HR because ... I saw HR as a way of making a difference and improving the relationship between the organisation and the people who work in the benefit of both parties.

My biggest career high so far was when ... I was employed by a National retailer as the ER/OHS manager. I recognised a need for an overhaul and update to an antiquated OHS system. I was able to write the entire policies and procedures to comply with the State legislation and implemented in one State. This resulted in a notable reduction in injuries, and premium and a recognition by the State Workcover Authority of a rebate of 10 per cent of the State premium. The organisation then took the basics of my program and implemented it nationally as best practice. This company now has one of the most respected OHS programs in Australia.

Another high was when the HR team that I led, completely staffed and trained 16 acquisitioned supermarkets in 13 weeks. An amazing effort, that resulted in a National award for my (very tired) but dedicated team. I was very proud.

To succeed in HR it takes ... lots of patience and persistence and an ability to convince operational leaders of the gains that can be made through a Strategic HR Management approach.

Living person I most admire is ... Nelson Mandela, for keeping to the strength of his convictions despite all the odds being against him for so long.

The thing I dislike most about myself … is my struggle to manage my own work / life balance.

The thing I dislike most in others ... intolerance, incompetence, injustice.

The best advice I ever got was ... [It is] better to under promise and over deliver than the other way around. Remember that people only ever tell you what they want you to hear. And also from Eleanor Roosevelt ... “No one can make you feel inferior without your permission.”

I'm happiest when I'm … with my family and friends, and able to see a project through to its conclusion.

The hardest thing I've ever done Everest trek to Base Camp. Lots of climbing, extreme temperatures, thin air, but a fantastic experience of a lifetime.

My greatest extravagance is ... travel...the more the better.

My favourite book is ... anything by Douglas Adams of ‘Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy’ fame. An ageless talent.

My motto is ....Enjoy life, do the least harm, and if it doesn't put you out too much, try and do some good.