​CEOs Talk Leadership: Jane Huxley

by HCA14 Apr 2014
No one said leadership was easy. Getting to the big office requires a special mix of talent, ability and drive. Jane Huxley talks to Jane Huxley about the attributes she thinks is required for a good leader

Jane HuxleyJane Huxley
Managing director
Pandora Australia

1. Trust is the currency of flexibility. Hire good people, and then let them do their jobs. Trust that they will do the job as well as you would. That way everybody gets to have a life outside of work.

2. Manage up, even when you think it’s not required or requested. Make sure you have a weekly template/email/update that you are sending skyward with a regular rhythm. This is great visibility for you and particularly for your team. This tactic always helps, particularly with functional teams that at times seem overlooked for their strategic capability.

3. Become versed in the performance indicators of the teams or individuals you are partnering with. If you are working with sales, understand the revenue pressures and gaps in capability. If you are working with developers, understand the methodologies and engines they use. If you are hiring marketing, understand how the budgets are to be committed. This will enable conversations in which you can leverage your functional knowledge to unlock bottom-line value.

4. Network like the clappers and use LinkedIn like it’s the Sydney Morning Herald/The Age/ The Australian – as a source of daily information and updates. The greatest source of conversation is to tap into what is trending on professional terms. You need to be particular about who you add and how you link; it’s not a volume game but a carefully curated collection of contacts. Never ever confuse the purposes of LinkedIn and Facebook.

5. Love what you do, and demonstrate that passion even in the inane parts of all jobs. 

And even on the tough days, remember that entire empires would crumble without the good folks of HR.