• How to … future-proof your HR by

    People issues lie at the heart of most strategy execution problems, but in the kind of world we are moving into, strategies will only get more sticky, complex, paradoxical, and people-centric. If we don’t manage our own destiny, either events or aspiring competitors will manage it for us

  • My brilliant career – Alla Keogh by

    Alla Keogh, director people and performance, Deloitte

  • Improving my interview prospects by

    I have spent the past 10 years progressing to HR manager level within financial services, while I have enjoyed my time and have developed excellent skills, I want to broaden my commercial experience within another industry. I am starting to get frustrated and concerned as it appears that I am not even being considered for roles that I know I am qualified for. Is there something else I can be doing to at least get to interview stage?

  • Competitor branding impacts attrition by

    Australian companies that fail to have a clearly defined strategy for their employer brand will lose talent to the increasing number who are getting it right, according to Brett Minchington, MD of Collective Learning Australia and co-founding partner of the Employer Brand Institute

  • How to increase your HR salary by

    I am an experienced HR consultant and I am feeling frustrated and de-motivated in my employment, as HR is being seen as a “cost centre”. Due to this mentality, I have not had a salary increase in over two years. HR salaries across the board seem to be increasing, and I feel I have the skills and experience to justify a pay rise. What are some of the factors dictating HR salaries and what can I do to increase mine?

  • My brilliant career – Daljit Singh, director global talent management, Baker & McKenzie by

    My brilliant career – Daljit Singh

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