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  • Ignore the connection economy at your peril by Contributor

    Creating a culture of connection and purpose will inspire your employees and ultimately drive your organisation’s success, explains Alan Heyward, managing director at O.C. Tanner | accumulate

  • Sales vs service: Time for a culture rethink by HRD

    Employee recognition and appreciation can help reinforce desired behaviours, which in turn can help shape corporate cultures – but what happens when the wrong behaviours are being recognised?

  • Become a talent magnet in 2018 by Iain Hopkins

    It can be difficult to know where to focus engagement efforts, but new research shows the essential areas for HR to concentrate on in 2018

  • Three key pillars of effective recognition by Contributor

    Recognition is a key component of employee retention, but what are the fundamentals of a successful program?

  • Q&A: All about culture by Contributor

    A culture of recognition is not as challenging to create as you might imagine. Alan Heyward, executive manager of Accumulate, provides his tips

  • How HR can create a vibrant, sustainable culture by John Hilton

    We talk to Alan Heyward about how companies can drive positive behavioural change

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