HR's role in tackling M&A challenges

by 11 Feb 2013

The attitudes and opinions of HR leaders from around the world about their role in M&A transactions were featured in Mercer’s latest THINK infographic, titled: 'HR strives to meet growing M&A challenges'. Among the key points:

  • By a wide margin HR leaders selected change management and business/culture integration as the two issues receiving insufficient leadership attention in M&A situations
  • Areas of growing HR involvement in M&A include more support for post-merger integration, increased business focus and knowledge in order to realize full deal value and aggressive timelines between targeting, signing and closing transactions
  • HR leaders who felt their departments could not meet leadership’s M&A requirements  identified better executive direction, better project management, resources for country-specific HR regulations/practices and M&A-focused training as the most helpful areas for improved outcomes




HR Strives to Meet Growing M&A Challenges
Infographic by Mercer Insights


  • by ksuresh 13/02/2013 1:37:33 AM

    Interesting. I work for Mcgladrey and there's a whitepaper on Post M&A integration and its importance "Strategic growth and the impact of an effective integration infrastructure" readers will find it very informative @