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  • Changes to the visitor visa regime – Employers beware by External

    The Business eVisitor visa and Business ETA -- once described as businesses’ best friend when it came to bringing in an overseas national to undertake short term emergency work -- may now be business’s worst enemy, writes Martin Hildebrand.

  • Frontline Intelligence: Legal - Workplace bullying - do we need another remedy? by External

    In early 2013, the Government announced a proposal to create another avenue of complaint to the Fair Work Commission for employees who are bullied at work. Joydeep Hor and Cara Seymour ask whether this is the right approach to eliminating bullying.

  • Frontline Intelligence: HR Recruitment - HR trends to watch in 2013 by External

    Craig Mason outlines broad trends that will be impacting on all HR professionals as we move through to the second half of 2013.

  • M&A best practice 2013 by External

    A company’s ability to successfully retain critical talent during a merger & acquisition has become a significant determinant of overall deal (and company) success, writes Christine Deveney.

  • Combating negative bias in communication by External

    Communicating solely via emails, texts or online communication? What impact is this having on our ability to get unambiguous messages across? Tammy Tansley suggests social neuroscience may provide some insights.

  • Developing a father-friendly workplace by External

    Research suggests work-life conflict is no longer just an issue for women and men are now experiencing higher levels of work-life conflict than before. Fiona Hitchiner outlines the importance of tools that support and recognise the importance of fathers as workers and parents.

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