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  • Frontline Intelligence: HR Consulting - Employee engagement by External

    Does culture really eat strategy for breakfast? Organisations that proactively go about managing their culture attain greater returns across key metrics such as revenue, profit and customer service than those that don’t, writes Stuart Havill.

  • Internal communication using social media by External

    Confused about the myriad social media tools and platforms on the market? Eva-Maria provides her tips for using three of the most popular for creating employee groups.

  • Are you turning a blind eye on your workers? by External

    Alexandra Pollard writes that in modern workplaces there is not a lot for workers to get enthused about much less fulfilled, satisfied or excited by. How can this be turned around?

  • Engaging managers and employees in the (dreaded) annual review by External

    How do you engage your managers and employees in the annual employee review process so everyone gets something out of it? Sean Conrad provides his tips.

  • Inexperience+ kills work dream for oldies by External

    There is some doubt whether a newly elected Coalition Government will continue to fund the older worker initiatives; yet given the current Government's track record, they have a low bar to start from, writes Malcolm King.

  • Leading in the Human Age: New approaches to work by External

    The work environment has changed, meaning companies need to build adaptable, adjustable work models and drive a culture of collaboration to succeed. Lincoln Crawley outlines why an era of certain uncertainty requires new approaches to the world of work.

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