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  • The factors of success by Contributor

    Aparna Damle, regional solution, director – Core EC, HRPayroll, Synchrony Global, outlines the elements required for successful HCM implementations

  • Developing a ‘digital ready’ workforce by Contributor

    What does it take to build a future-ready workforce? Melissa Ries vice president and general manager, APAC, Skillsoft, has the answers

  • Opinion: Is autonomy or collaboration better for innovation? by External

    Whether HR empowers the individual or provides structured opportunities for collaboration, care must be taken to foster innovation every step of the way

  • Opinion: Treat your candidates like rock stars by External

    In a world where brand reputation and customer experience is vital to an organisation’s success, why would we give job candidates anything less than the red carpet treatment?

  • Opinion: A nation of corporate zombies by External

    Sleep deprived employees undermine productivity and success - but it's an issue that is out of the hands of employers, right? Wrong, says Ahna de Vena.

  • Opinion: What I learnt from David Morrison as chief of army by Contributor

    Avril Henry has worked with Australian of the Year David Morrison on various cultural transformation initiatives during his time as chief of army. She outlines some key lessons from that experience.

  • Opinion: When workplace humour crosses the line by Contributor

    Humour plays a critical role in the workplace. However, a line is crossed when that humour violates the most basic human value: that of acknowledging, respecting and validating people’s differences.

  • Opinion: Digital disruption empowering the next-generation workforce by Contributor

    Organisations are having to become more focused and responsive to the needs of customers as they are increasingly more digitally connected and to meet their expectations of near instantaneous answers and action. But the creation of a consistently positive customer service environment requires engaged and equipped employees, as Michael Stelzer writes.

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