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  • Strategies for reskilling the workforce by External

    HR leaders have their work cut out for them, trying to engage no fewer than five workforce generations

  • Opinion: HR on the edge of a cliff by Contributor

    Sylvia Vorhauser-Smith outlines how HR will be at the heart of business disruption – but it must first reinvent itself

  • Placing value on valued employees by External

    John Day, CEO of Smartequity, explains how a well-designed employee remuneration strategy firmly anchored in business objectives helps organisations attract, retain and motivate employees

  • Raising the performance bar by External

    Performance management is one critical component of HR’s mandate that is getting a helping hand from technology. HRD chats to Nathan Reynolds, Ceridian's director of sales, Australia & New Zealand

  • Hiring strategies for people with disabilities by External

    People with disability are often overlooked in the recruitment process. HRD chats to Philip Jenkinson, senior marketing executive at Media Access Australia, for some tips on how to remove this hiring bias

  • Opinion: Could your staff sue for social media negligence? by Contributor

    Organisations have gone to extreme measures to restrict staff social media access and activities in the workplace. But with these channels presenting an opportunity for greater brand advocacy, recruitment and sales, has the tide turned on organisations’ obligations to support rather than suppress staff efforts in social? Roger Christie reveals a new take on social media risk mitigation

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