• Sick leave costing organisations billions by Cameron Edmond

    The cost of sick leave to organisations is dire, and may be a lot higher than many anticipated, a new study has shown.

  • Is overtime worth it? by Cameron Edmond

    Organisations pushing to increase productivity through overtime could be doing more harm than good.

  • Executives jumping ship: Is HR helpless to stop it? by Cameron Edmond

    Even if they are well-paid and high-up the ranks, executives are likely to move on when a search firm comes knocking.

  • The need for employee rehabilitation by Cameron Edmond

    Extended periods of time off work can greatly decrease the chance of individuals ever returning, new research has found. What is HR’s role in this?

  • High millennial turn-overs costing thousands by Cameron Edmond

    New research has revealed that the high turn-over rates of millennials are costing organisations thousands. How can HR hold on to the new generation of workers?

  • Closing the candidate/employer salary gap by Cameron Edmond

    Even when being conservative, candidates are expecting greater salary increases than they are likely to be offered. How can employers close the expectation gap between new recruits and reality?

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