• “IDEAL” Australian employers revealed! by Cameron Edmond

    The first Australian My Future Career survey from Universum has been released, revealing the employers Australian university students are most interested in working for.

  • Are you thinking of the ink? Tattoos impacting hires by Cameron Edmond

    Despite a surge in popularity, tattoos still present a barrier for many job-seekers, research suggests.

  • Hiring for Engageability by External

    An enormous amount of time and money is spent by companies on employee engagement, under the premise that a more engaged workforce contributes to the bottom line. Much of the effort afforded to engagement is via employee surveys used to identify how the work environment can be optimised to engage people further. While there is no doubt considerable benefit to be gained from implementing change initiatives aimed at optimising engagement, we feel too many organisations concentrate their efforts on engaging people once they are in the organisation. Yet engagement is a two-way street – it depends on how you treat people as well as on who you hire.

  • Job ads drop as employers ease back on hiring intentions by Cameron Edmond

    Job ads are approaching new lows as employers pull back on hiring…for the time being, at least.

  • The final frontier of executive search: Finding the next CEO by

    Although the process has only just kicked off, the search for Microsoft’s next CEO has already taken some interesting turns.

  • Managers and Gen Y: The mindsets that keep them apart by Cameron Edmond

    Young Gen Y workers and their managers continue to clash in many organisations. But could it be that the two sides want the same thing?

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