• Opinion: Identifying the gaps in your background screening processes by External

    Edward Hickey presents a best practice guide to ensure your employment screening methods are up to scratch.

  • Aussie employers 'giving up' on tackling talent shortage by Chloe Taylor

    A recent study showed that employers in Australia are ignoring the growing issue of the national and global skills shortage. Experts share tips on how to turn things around and address the problem before it’s too late.

  • The global fake degree racket: HR warned to be vigilant by Hannah Norton

    Accusations of a Pakistani company running a fake education empire highlight once again the need for HR practitioners to perform comprehensive background checks on potential employees.

  • Can crowdsourcing help your company? by Elizabeth Barnard

    One company swears by crowdsourcing as a way for organisations to broaden their horizons – could the technique work for you?

  • Opinion: How to find top HR talent by External

    While it’s true there are more candidates than jobs right across the spectrum of HR roles presently, there’s always intense competition for the top candidates. But there are many steps businesses can take to ensure the cream of the crop is attracted to working with them, writes Peter Woodward.

  • Three ways to detect dishonest candidates by Chloe Taylor

    Every HR professional knows the importance of hiring trustworthy employees – here's how to sort the honest from the deceitful.

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