Occupational health & safety

  • Termination post-medical leave: When is it okay? by HCA

    Employers are often unclear how to approach terminating an employee who has returned from prolonged sick leave, but a recent case highlights the best practice.

  • Death by telework: Working from home is taking lives by Cameron Edmond

    Recent reports show that extreme burnout for teleworkers in China is proving fatal. What steps can be taken to ensure it doesn’t happen to your employees?

  • Bullying claim payout a timely reminder by Cameron Edmond

    As the Supreme Court orders a significant payout to a bullying victim, legislative changes to the Fair Work Act regarding bullying in the workplace are a timely reminder for all employers to review their policies and procedures.

  • Travel bugs, and not the good kind by Cameron Edmond

    Business trips are getting dangerous as Australians take risks that could cost them more than insurance can buy.

  • WorkCover rocked by bullying claims by Cameron Edmond

    An inquiry into WorkCover is soon to commence over allegations of failing to protect their own employees.

  • More evidence of the work-life merge by Rose Sneyd

    “The boundaries of the workplace are expanding and now reach deeper into employees’ lives, especially now that mobile technology is taken for granted.”

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