Japan and New Zealand weakest job prospects

by 15 Sep 2009

Employment prospects across parts of Asia improved in the fourth quarter of 2009, but remained weakest in Japan and New Zealand, according to a recent employment outlook survey by Manpower.

India, China and Australia showed the strongest employment prospects, but compared with 12 months ago, employer hiring expectations are weaker in all countries and territories, most notably in Japan, India and Hong Kong.

“Indian employers have absorbed the layoffs conducted in the third quarter and are telling us they will begin hiring again at a conservative pace, but most intend to keep their workforces intact through the end of the year,” said Jeffrey Joerres, Chairman and CEO of Manpower. “Government stimulus efforts around infrastructure projects are contributing to accelerated hiring plans in India’s Mining and Construction sector,” he said.

“Meanwhile, hiring expectations in China are among the most optimistic of the year, with outlooks improving from three months ago across all industry sectors, particularly in the finance/insurance/real estate and the services sectors.”