MBA Profile - Adam Wardell, national hospital business consultant, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Australia

by 13 Oct 2009

When and where did you do your MBA?

I did my MBA at Macquarie Graduate School of Man agement part-time while I continued my career full-time, completing the course over two and a half years. I did a Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management in 2007, and completed my full MBA this year.

Why an MBA?

I was keen to break out of my technical specialty (phar macy) to help move my career into broader management levels (general and senior leadership positions). This was also one of the keys for me changing roles during the MBA.

My postgraduate diploma let me better understand both the “science behind the soft skills” with best practice inves tigations, and the real world examples of how strategic HR can be used as a competitive advantage.

How did the MBA help your career as a HR professional?

My diploma moved my thinking to a new plane, and built a solid foundation for my future in managing large num bers of people. This skill is also mixed with the ability to hear of the experience of others to ensure the correct balance between the future and the present – how we act today and plan for the future to deliver sustainable performance.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about pursuing a masters/post grad/MBA?

Having a clear reason for doing further study not only helps you to explain your commitment to other people, but also during “hard times”. Just having a short term motivator can mean the drive to learn fades as the work load increases, so ensure you can keep the momentum up.

The greatest challenge while completing the course?

The first was time. Balancing study with work is not the only key. You need to balance your home and social life, family and friends, and continue to grow as an individual. The MBA is however a catalyst for improving your time management, and during my MBA, my beautiful daugh ter was born and we bought a house and changed jobs.

The other challenge was for others. The people in my life (home, work, friends) had to make sacrifices and allowances for my study – and for this, I thank them all – especially my supportive wife, Mel.