Learning and development

  • Women still held back in the workplace by Cameron Edmond

    The prevalence of women in the senior ranks of the workforce is on the rise, yet there are still key barriers preventing them from advancing to the C-Suite.

  • Paying to intern: The growing trend of overseas internships by Cameron Edmond

    Should interns be paid? What if they were the ones paying? New internship programs see candidates taking a trip to China to spice up their resume.

  • New service to apply for government funding by

    Australian Government funding is now available for businesses wishing to increase the skills of their staff, if they don’t currently receive funding through other means and a national Registered Training Organisation is helping with the application process.

  • Making a difference: Philanthropic team building gaining ground by Cameron Edmond

    Tired of the same old team building experiences? How about combining corporate team bonding with a cause that really makes a difference?

  • Critical leadership gaps a cause for concern by Cameron Edmond

    The rapid changes that continue to affect the business world are often touted as a positive, but business leaders and HR professionals who aren’t keeping up could be looking at an uneasy future.

  • Using technology to train and induct new employees by

    The induction process can provide the foundations for rapid growth and performance - or it can lead to disappointment, confusion and disconnect. Bruce Nixon outlines how technology can help bring it all together.

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