​E-recruitment In Focus

by Iain Hopkins07 Feb 2014
Q. How can we get more from our eRecruitment solution?

A. For many organisations, attracting and hiring the right people is a strategic imperative. Most businesses know the cost of a bad hire, and it’s not simply a financial cost, it can extend to staff morale and productivity. An eRecruitment solution is the ideal tool to streamline recruitment processes and also provides the BIG data to support informed decision-making.

I have six tips to help you get the most out of your eRecruitment solution.

Identify the channels that work
Use the data already stored in your system to discover your best recruitment channels. By identifying the recruitment sources of the top-performing new starters from the past year, it should be easy to choose the best channels to source future stars.

Creating a positive candidate experience
In highly competitive job markets, it’s crucial to keep applicants engaged at every step of the recruitment cycle. Your eRecruitment solution can make the recruitment process simple and engaging if you use the automatic emailing feature. The emails can update applicants on when they can expect to hear from you, remind them of interview times and may even contain links to recruitment videos that will further enhance their experience.

Identify the best-fit candidates
For your eRecruitment system to work effectively, it needs to highlight the applicants with the right skills, the right cultural fit and the right expertise to meet the job requirements. This means that, as an organisation, you need a deep understanding of your ideal employee for each position. When this information is available, your eRecruitment system can be configured to capture the data that will strengthen your ability to identify the best candidates. 

The right access
Mobile recruiting continues to increase in popularity and your potential applicants are searching for opportunities using smartphones and tablet devices. It’s important that your eRecruitment solution is responsive and scales across a variety of devices. If it doesn’t, check with your vendor to see what options are available.

Boomerang rehires
In industries experiencing a shortage of talent and where specific skills are required, there has been an increase in boomerang rehires: attracting top performing former employees. It’s a cost-effective method of sourcing talented people who can do the job and provide a good cultural fit. Using historical employee and performance data, you should be able to identify the very best former employees, and these records can be easily moved into the potential talent pool within eRecruitment.

Integration with Human Resources and Payroll
Using data from Human Resources and Payroll systems will ensure that you are getting the most from your eRecruitment solution. If your solution is tightly integrated, then your Payroll system should be able to trigger a notification in your eRecruitment system when someone leaves and a position becomes open. The sooner positions are advertised, the faster they can be filled, which will reduce those vital time-to-hire metrics.

A good eRecruitment system will have access to an extensive talent pool that incorporates new candidates, previous candidates and existing staff. Use this data to identify the best candidates for open positions. Offering existing employees access to vacancies promotes engagement and drives employee retention.

As the competition for talent continues to increase across many industries, your eRecruitment system will be an invaluable tool. I encourage you to review your recruitment procedures and look for potential time savings and improvements. Leveraging your eRecruitment solution will streamline processes and eliminate paper shuffling, which will enable managers to focus on the important task of selecting the right candidates.

Nick SouthcombeNick Southcombe General Manager, Frontier Software. (03) 9639 0777 frontiersoftware.com


  • by Sumyun Gai 17/09/2014 11:54:38 PM

    After having seen both sides of the hiring process, as the prospect, and HRIS analyst, I urge people to find ways to thwart hiring software. This may be a boon to employers, but has been a great detriment to the unemployed workforce. Recruiting software is a problem, not a solution. I will continue to use my familiarity with TAM/CG, Brass Ring, and Red Carpet to teach people how to side step this software. Taleo, and Workday are next....