HR Technology

  • Why every HR vendor should be putting integration first by External

    Peter Forbes writes that HR tech endors can expect more scrutiny and demands of their application integration frameworks as organisations become more sophisticated about their integration requirements.

  • Exactly how risky is social media? by Kathleen Payne

    Employers need to recognise the potential risks that social media poses to business, consider the consequences, and take steps to manage these risks.

  • Preparing for the BYOD workforce in 2013 by

    Adrian Briscoe takes a look at some of the risks associated with employees bringing their own devices to work, and how to mitigate those risks.

  • BYOD not just the latest trend by Rose Sneyd

    To what degree are organisations prepped and ready for the BYOD? HR's readiness can be the difference between attracting A-grade talent.

  • A problem with HR technology projects by

    Technology roll-outs are commonplace in today’s ever-changing world, but they are often poorly handled. Ari Kopoulos provides his change management tips.

  • Payroll: All systems go by

    Payroll professionals are often frustrated by the lack of recognition the function receives for the important role it plays. Tom Washington explores the reason for this frustration and asks how technology can make a difference

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