HR Technology

  • Measuring your social recruitment by

    Through direct posts, tweets, likes and shares, social media has become a powerful tool to get the word out about job openings. A new website seeks to inform organisations of just how well they are plugged in to social recruiting.

  • Jobs to be automated: How safe is HR? by Cameron Edmond

    New research has predicted what jobs may become automated in the future – how safe is HR?

  • Are referees still important? by Cameron Edmond

    Good references were once a game-changer when hiring applicants, but has social media and online recommendations rendered them irrelevant?

  • New workforce trends: The end of full-time? by Cameron Edmond

    The workplace is changing. New research and developments reveal that Australia is shifting away from full-time work, and even coming into an office at all. Are you ready for the change?

  • Workers unable to switch off by

    The majority of Australian workers are unable to stop working, even during holidays.

  • Talent blackhole: Big data specialists thin on ground by Cameron Edmond

    While companies seek to leverage big data against their competitors, the main struggle is a talent shortage, new research indicates.

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