HR Technology

  • Talent blackhole: Big data specialists thin on ground by Cameron Edmond

    While companies seek to leverage big data against their competitors, the main struggle is a talent shortage, new research indicates.

  • Is HR the new frontier of social business and collaboration? by External

    It’s an exciting time to be a HR professional with lots of social tools to assist in all areas of the employee lifecycle, writes Nathalie Lynton.

  • Employer provided devices: Privacy and ownership by Cameron Edmond

    An employer in the US accessing an employee’s emails has sparked debate over privacy and the ownership of data.

  • Get your employees off the bench and in the game by External

    If used correctly, gamification can lead to positive business outcomes such as innovation disruption, education, personal development, improved employee participation, and collaboration. Alan Young outlines how.

  • Handling constant change in the ‘digital storm’ by Cameron Edmond

    While some organisations might be racing to keep up with the digital storm, keeping a cool and cautious head will help your business survive, one expert suggests.

  • Survival of the Social by External

    There remains a significant number of Australian companies that are resisting the idea of fully integrating social networking into the corporate environment. Cuneyt Uysal explains why such resistance is futile and how history is on the side of the social innovators.

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