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  • Investing in wearable tech? Six key questions to address by Chloe Taylor

    Two experts have flagged up concerns that many – both workers and employers – have about the rise of technology. Here are the questions you need to be asking before they enter your workplace.

  • Impact the C-Suite with your HR analytics by Chloe Taylor

    Data analytics has become an integral part of every HR professional’s role – HC speaks to one expert about how HR can leverage data to influence business decisions on human capital.

  • What can HR do to avoid a social media disaster? by Chloe Taylor

    Having a mutual sense of trust between employers and their staff has always been a critical component of HR – but in today’s technologically advanced world of work, it could be make or break for your organisation’s reputation.

  • Who's liable for illegal downloads in the workplace? by Chloe Taylor

    Hollywood is targeting nearly 5,000 Aussies who downloaded Dallas Buyers Club illegally – but who is responsible if the offence occurs in the workplace?

  • 10 HR trends for 2015 by Chloe Taylor

    An annual report has revealed some of the trends HR can expect to see in the coming months, and has suggested that the sector might be creating some of its own problems.

  • Getting smarter with data: LinkedIn’s HR big data journey by Iain Hopkins

    HR analytics is starting to influence how HR decision-making is made, but do HR professionals have the skills required to get the most from the data they are gathering?

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