Look around you

by 04 Aug 2009

It might be time to take a step back, take a little breather and take a look around at the troops.

HR has had a lot on its plate over the past few months, between dish ing out redundancy letters to ensuring there is compliance with the latest workplace legislation.

News of bad developments seems to have calmed down a little and now there’s even talk of things picking up again. So now is a good time to look at your staff and see who is happy and who is not.

Companies who survive this recession do not want to find themselves with an empty office when things turn around.

As Claire McCartney, from the CIPD talent and resourcing sector, said, the poor labour market has been acting like a dam holding back the normal flow of talent. Once job opportunities increase, however, dissatisfied em ployees will vote with their feet and leave, making it important for employers not to take the loyalty of their people for granted.

And, as some of the leading HR recruiters in Australia have said, many HR professionals are in just this position. They are holding tight. To para phrase the words of one HR recruiter, HR professionals like to be part of something good – it’s in their nature to be working on positive rather than negative things.

So ask a simple question of your employees: “Are you happy?” Then stand back and take note of those who aren’t.

Now is the time to address the issues of those ready to leave – because later may be too late.

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