Jobs, jobs, jobs

by 27 May 2009

The Federal Government’s plan for a maternity leave scheme heralds a new era of support for families. The introduction of 18 weeks paid maternity leave for working mothers was long awaited and has been welcomed by employees and employers alike.

But, hopefully this scheme, when up and running, will be cost- neutral to employers, because any scheme that makes it more expensive to employ women will not work in the interests of women or business. While it may encourage women to come back to the workplace after maternity leave, it might deter employers from taking them on in the first place.

However, the budget overall seemed like a fair deal for employers, with no major surprises or concerns. The $22 billion which has been committed to improving’ infrastructure will, all according to plan, provide multiple benefits for the nation, including fiscal stimulus and jobs.

Jobs, jobs, jobs – keep them coming. And not just that, but information and advice for employers struggling under economic and financial pressure about how to survive without slashing jobs. There have been umpteen surveys, reports and evidence to support that cutting jobs is more than often not the answer. It will be interesting when all this economic drama has calmed, to compare the results of those companies that slashed jobs against those that didn’t.

I have a feeling I know who will come out on top.

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