HR’s time for recognition

by 28 Jul 2009

The time has come again to raise the standard for HR leadership. After a year of global economic mayhem, large-scale industrial and legal reforms, and continued workforce and skills shortages, companies have been faced with some of the toughest survival challenges of recent times.

But it’s often in adverse and challenging times that conditions are ripe for innovative, creative and forward-thinking strategies to emerge.

This time last year the greatest challenge in HR departments was figuring out ways to find, attract and retain the best employees from a limited supply.

Although this is (and will always be) a pri ority of HR departments, external forces over the last year have thrown up myriad new chal lenges, resulting in many facing largely unknown territory – large-scale redundancies, ruthless cost-cutting activities and massive pressures on business and HR to minimise costs but hold on to their best people are but a few.

It is no easy job. Some companies have done it well – and some haven’t. The HR Lead ership Awards 2009 will recognise those who have: who achieved a truly diverse workforce, which company balanced the hiring and fir ing in such tough economic circumstances, who was able to cut costs while continuing their recognition strategies, which companies offered flexible working conditions while maintaining high productivity, and who executed a flawless change management strategy.

Nominations for the Australian HR Awards 2009 are now open. If you know of an HR professional or practice that has changed an organisation or the industry for the better during the past year, don’t let those achievements go unrewarded. Enter now.

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