A question to our readers

by 25 Jun 2009

Let’s take a snapshot of some of the current issues HR and managers must keep their eye on: general economic woes, innovative cost-cut ting strategies, warning of a swine flu pandemic, pending 1 July laws, OHS reforms, the ceasefire in the war for talent … the list goes on.

Our mission, as Australia’s leading HR publication, is to provide you with the best stories, thought-provoking analysis and opinions, and cover the main events and world’s best practices that will impact on not only HR professionals but all leaders and managers in business.

As this is my first issue as Editor of HR Leader, I hope I can help guide and inform readers through these times. As our previous Editor Craig Donaldson mentioned in his last editorial note, times are changing – and fast.

That means that so too are your needs. Since the relaunch of the magazine in January of this year we have received much feedback on various aspects of the magazine. But we want more. What or who do you want to read more about? Who would you like to hear more from? And what are the main concerns facing you in your profession today?

While we may be still in the midst of a global recession, leading economists predict the US will emerge from it by year’s end. Our cover story this week looks at strategies that HR can use to ready their companies for the upturn.

So things are looking up. They’re also looking up for Anne Austin from Spencer Stuart who won our wine subs promotion this week. Not only will Anne have a nice glass of Tower Estate but will have a year’s worth of enjoyable HR Leader reading!

We hope you enjoy the issue, and if you don’t – please let us know.


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