HR Strategy

  • Notice of super changes is in the mail by Iain Hopkins

    The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is encouraging businesses to start preparing now for the data and e-commerce standard that will be compulsory on 1 July 2014 and 1 July 2015.

  • Employees urged to get a company tattoo by HRM

    While some companies struggle with getting employees to cover their tattoos, one American company has established a “tat incentive” instead.

  • Stress a major issue for 98% of workplaces by Iain Hopkins

    Stress management is a key focus for UK employers for the next two years, according to Tower Watson’s latest Health, Wellbeing and Productivity survey.

  • US executives see telecommuting as an avenue to career stagnation by HRM

    Given all the hoo-hah about Yahoo’s new ban from working at home, it may come as as surprise that most execs see telecommuting as an avenue to career stagnation.

  • Pick potential over performance every time by Stephanie Zillman

    Are you being dazzled by results in the ‘here and now’, instead of looking at longer term leadership potential? It’s not always the shining starts who have the most potential.

  • ATO to investigate temporary visas by Rose Sneyd

    The Australian Tax Office (ATO) has announced that it will undertake a data-matching exercise, targeting one million holders of Australian temporary visas.

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