HR Strategy

  • Telstra job cuts: More to come? by Cameron Edmond

    The Telstra job cuts yesterday may be a sign of things to come, reports say. How can your organisation avoid similar drastic action?

  • Corporate volunteering: Hard to ignore by Cameron Edmond

    Corporate volunteering is a powerful driver to invigorate your employees, fresh evidence has revealed.

  • Discrimination lawsuits cost organisation over $70k by Cameron Edmond

    A large and controversial US retailer has been forced to pay a large sum and change its employee clothing policy after losing legal battles.

  • Union rallies against workplace fatigue by Cameron Edmond

    The battle to combat intense rosters brings to light Australia’s broader problem with workplace fatigue.

  • ICT devoid of diversity by Cameron Edmond

    New research has shocked the ICT profession and industry, revealing alarming levels of discrimination.

  • Australia: A nation of job-hoppers by Cameron Edmond

    New research has revealed that Australian workplaces are the most volatile and erratic when it comes to employee turnover – what is driving our nation of job-hoppers?

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