HR Strategy

  • ​Cisco Chief of HR Talks Employee Engagement by HRD

    The average North American company has just 63 per cent employee engagement. At Cisco Canada more than 90 per cent of their employees are engaged. HRD talked to Cisco Canada VP of HR David Heather about what makes Cisco different

  • Productivity killers: 10 to watch out for by Human Capital

    White collar Australians aren’t as productive as they could be, but here’s how you can get your staff back on track.

  • Compulsory uniforms: Good idea or not? by HCA

    For many professionals, the days of wearing uniforms may have ended with high school – but for an increasing percentage of the Australian workforce, their outfit is the same every single day.

  • Coping with being a change agent by Human Capital

    When change is afoot, it’s up to us as HR professionals to lead the charge – and protect our psyche while we’re at it.

  • Can you make your workplace happier? You bet by Stephanie Zillman

    When your employees are happy, they are also more creative, productive, less likely to leave the company, less absent, and less conflicts at work which means more money and better product. HC offers up 15 ways to start reinventing your workplace.

  • Opinion: HR can lead the business case for injury prevention and management by External

    Dr Brandon Carp explores how HR can lead the charge towards injury prevention, and help reduce associated costs in the process.

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