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  • Are your staff fit for work? by Rose Sneyd

    University researchers are developing means to judge workers’ readiness to return following devastating natural disasters.

  • Developing a father-friendly workplace by External

    Research suggests work-life conflict is no longer just an issue for women and men are now experiencing higher levels of work-life conflict than before. Fiona Hitchiner outlines the importance of tools that support and recognise the importance of fathers as workers and parents.

  • Recruiter unleashes explosive Twitter rant by Stephanie Zillman

    An Australian recruiter using the twitter handle @exec_hunter this week unleashed a bizarre rant on radio host, writer and comedian Wendy Harmer. After the tweets went viral, the brand damage is immeasurable.

  • At 11am on Monday, US employees are probably hunting for a job by HRM

    Here’s something to add on to the Monday Blues – employees are no longer being discreet about their job hunts, hunting even while on the job, according to new data.

  • Employee dismissed after tweeting conference comments by Iain Hopkins

    In yet another case of social media causing workplace headaches, a US woman has been fired after tweeting comments made a group of men at a computer programming conference.

  • Are you turning a blind eye on your workers? by External

    Alexandra Pollard writes that in modern workplaces there is not a lot for workers to get enthused about much less fulfilled, satisfied or excited by. How can this be turned around?

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