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  • Yahoo boosts maternity leave by Iain Hopkins

    Yahoo’s new CEO Marissa Mayer famously returned to work just two weeks after having a baby last September, but she’s making sure other new mums get much longer.

  • Maximise your memory - and have fun doing it by External

    If you let your brain power diminish as you age, you may end up impacting your quality of life now and into the future. Heidi Alexandra provides some memory booster tips.

  • Bosses too threatening for modern employees by HRM

    There are all kinds of management styles, from the kindly or motherly, to the tyrant, but it seems almost half of managers are scaring their employees into under-productivity.

  • Number of women in leadership still lagging by Iain Hopkins

    The number of women entering the top leadership roles in the corporate world is still lagging according to a new report.

  • HR failing the long-term unemployed by Stephanie Zillman

    With the number of long-term unemployed swelling by 80% over the past five years, one group representing non-profit job agencies is calling for a formal federal inquiry.

  • Federal Court decision a win for performance management by Stephanie Zillman

    A recent Federal Court decision has reinforced the sentiment that HR professionals needn’t fear that legitimate performance management will be interpreted as adverse action or bullying by the courts.

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