• ICT devoid of diversity by Cameron Edmond

    New research has shocked the ICT profession and industry, revealing alarming levels of discrimination.

  • How to tell an employee they smell by HCA

    It might not be the most pleasant topic to bring up, but one expert says avoiding it can be worse – so, how do you tell an employee they smell?

  • Ageing population calls for new flexible work approach by Cameron Edmond

    As a shift in demographics continues, employers must re-evaluate their approach to flexible working conditions.

  • Paid Parental Leave Scheme missing the mark? by Cameron Edmond

    The Coalition’s popular Paid Parental Leave Scheme helped secure the election, but one expert is sceptical about its implementation.

  • Are graduates less engaged? by Cameron Edmond

    While still an important asset in many professions, university degrees may result in higher levels of disengagement, a study has found.

  • New workforce trends: The end of full-time? by Cameron Edmond

    The workplace is changing. New research and developments reveal that Australia is shifting away from full-time work, and even coming into an office at all. Are you ready for the change?

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