• Flick & Click – latest book reviews by

    The Halo Effect – how managers let themselves be deceived

  • Continuing recognition in recession by

    Rewarding and recognising performance is especially important in a downturn. Craig Donaldson speaks with experts about this and how HR can assist in the process

  • Managing a wealth of high-flyers by

    How will leading global companies create value through people? Les Pickett gives HR Leader a peek at a new UK report on “tomorrow’s global talent”

  • Bridging the gap by

    The economic downturn has impacted on HR technology in a number of ways. Craig Donaldson speaks with experts about this and what HR can expect from relevant technology in the future

  • Cut costs, not heads: 5 strategies to prepare for the upturn by

    Employees are often a company’s greatest cost. As HR managers are being asked to devise ways to cut the wage bill, Sarah O’Carroll investigates other ways to save costs and make cutting head count the last resort

  • A question to our readers by

    Let’s take a snapshot of some of the current issues HR and managers must keep their eye on:

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