• Is your workforce coping with Generation Y workers? by Rose Sneyd

    Gen Y workers are often stereotyped as self-involved technophiles with no attention span and poor people skills, but they’re also here to stay. How can managers, and businesses, adapt to the next generation of workers?

  • BYOD not just the latest trend by Rose Sneyd

    To what degree are organisations prepped and ready for the BYOD? HR's readiness can be the difference between attracting A-grade talent.

  • The gamification revolution here to stay by Rose Sneyd

    Gamification will increase in popularity this year, is your organisation ready to be gamified?

  • How to avoid an information meltdown by

    Business documentation needs to be specific with a clear purpose and a clear target audience established before we start to type. Derek Hill provides his tips on more effective business documentation, and why an 'information strategy' is crucial.

  • Under pressure, under valued and lacking support: survey by HCA

    A new survey has found the working population of the UK feel they are not being given adequate support – what’s causing the inconsistency in employer vs employee attitudes?

  • HR salaries increase fastest in two years by Stephanie Zillman

    The median remuneration for HR professionals at large US companies rose by 11% in 2012, increasing at the fastest rate in at least two years, according to the findings of a new study.

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