• Q: How do you know when it is time to change your HRIS? by

    A:I don’t think there is any dispute that all good things eventually come to an end, or at least require some maintenance to continue delivering a benefit.

  • Assuring payday by

    No organisation can afford to mess with an employee’s pay, writes Angela Priestley, and the risks of payroll must be understood

  • Improving customer service with staff incentives by

    Australia’s customer service levels leave much to be desired. Tom Washington explores how employers can incentivise staff to up their game

  • Taking responsibility – HR’s role in CSR by

    There are clear business benefits to be had through a sound corporate social responsibility program. Tom Washington reports on what makes such schemes successful and the role HR must play

  • Stretching dollars on stress by

    It pays to tackle workplace related stress in organisations, writes Angela Priestley, but a shift in culture will go further than even the most expensive organisational programs

  • Feature: Keys to leadership coaching success by

    A lot has been said about poor leadership during the global financial crisis. In certain cases, including the high profile Lehman Brothers meltdown, business leaders have effectively been blamed for the downfall of entire organisations.

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